Anthony Ohannesian

August 2020

You Come to Me in the Night - by Anthony Ohannesian (Shahin Khalaji).jpgPhoto credit: Shahin Khalaji

You Come to Me in the Night

By Anthony Ohannesian

And just like a moonbeam
you come to me in the night,
igniting me with your steam.

You do a number of things to me…

Your presence
penetrates my body,
invades my mind
and dominates my will
like an ink does to a quill.

It’s crazy
because the spell you put me under
makes me doubt and wonder
what is real
and what is surreal?

Your eyes
see right through me
even if it were past three [AM]
they bring out the dread in me
which makes me bend the knee.

With you around,
I’m like a slave
to your world bound
where my reality spins round and round.

I start doubting what I know
and begin going with your flow.

You give me no proof,
telling me: “I just am and we just are.”
But I don’t have a mind of steel
nor can I conceal.

You come to me from the deep
to mess up with my sleep
reminding me that every night
needs a good old fright
and that you’ll always be there
when my dream transforms into a nightmare.

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