Cyrille Nammour

Edition April 2020

Belonging - by Cyrille Ammour (Photo by Ahmad Odeh).jpgPhoto credit: Ahmad Odeh


By Cyrille Nammour

The sky surrendered
its spell struck hefty dreams to us
sitting in between
casting frozen glances from afar

This is our city now
silent, awake, hidden
sometimes shifting
inside out
but mostly broken
tossing time around
like coins in a wishing well

Can you remember
the little times it has wished us well?

Coin after coin
gamble on comfort, gamble on the future
bet on hope but double check the odds
as we wait for new tomorrows
moving past yesterdays

It looks like the stars never align in our favor

And our long nights of wishful aspirations never get us anywhere
not in this land
not where the soil reeks of distrust
it’s worn out buildings
holding concrete recollections of the past

Are we too afraid to let go?

of everything we are under this sun
under this light
and its suffocating beams

Reciting the monologues
of too late to save
and too early to let go

Let go

we are the ghosts of this land
floating above this city
this centipede
listening to the rattles of its familiar passivity
it hisses

Let go

with its hollow mouth wide open
quiet and discrete
but loud enough to feel the rumbling of

Let go

pierce through our bones

and its failures
charcoal black
oozing out
of our eye sockets
tumbling down from our window panes


Let go

and we limp on another day
choking on the pesticides
of its drains
binging on parasitic regrets
that flow through us
rushing within us
like the sewers we call home
its bite marks

Let go

staining our blotchy skin
pouring hostility
through the open wounds that were made from
carving the words

Let go

yet we sit here and wait
wait for a new tomorrow
patching up the scrapes
as we mumble

Let go

the injury of today

Let go

waiting for a new tomorrow
despite knowing it won’t arrive before
we finally

Let go

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