Edition VIII

August 2018

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Visions - by Hanna Abi Akl (Photo by Mohammad Gh.)Photo credit: Mohammad Gh


By Hanna Abi Akl

I have visions
of myself
coming home
late from work
and her

in my apartment
waiting for me
Her flower dress
covering her legs
all the way down
touching the ground

Her silky hair
in the moonlight

If ever there was
a perfect dream
to save us from this world
then this was
the closest thing
to it.

The Beauty in Between - by Leyann Smili (Photo by Sarah Frances)Photo credit: Sarah Frances

The Beauty in Between

By Leyann Smili

We’ve heard about that silver lining
the one after heartbreak
the one after loss

We’ve heard about that silver lining
the one amidst all of our troubles

But we never really hear about the beauty
the one brighter than silver
The beauty in between the silver
we never hear about that one

Sadness washes through our veins
but what our veins are actually feeling
is that beauty they never told us about

There is a true beauty inside of sadness
Why do we ignore it when our bodies
our souls
our veins can feel it

Why do we ignore the truth
when it’s staring us straight in the eye
when it’s rushing through us

Our lips tell lies
but our veins, our veins
Our veins would rather see us die

Eclipse ou Rencontre de Deux Esprits - Pierre Sayegh (Photo by Nour Abughaida)Photo credit: Nour Abughaida

Eclipse ou Rencontre de Deux Esprits

By Pierre Sayegh

La lune s’impatiente,
Se rend à Jupiter
Ô majesté!
Ô roi de l’univers!
Ah aux pieds duquel
S’incline Morphée
Et y dépose sans bruit
Les plus belles étoiles
De sa couronne cueillies …

Ô roi, ô Jupiter,
Mes faibles prunelles
Ne perçoivent, en nul lieu
Le dieu de la guerre …
Saurais-tu assister
Celle qui a froid
En donnant la lumière?

– Ô Séléné !
Oh belle éternelle,
Oh panthère écorchée
Comment guérir tes plaies?

– L’oiseau vole, se nourrit,
Le poisson se blottit
Dans les dunes marines
Ainsi qu’une ride se creuse
En voyant mon visage,
L’orignal frotte ses bois
Contre le végétal
Quand mon pouvoir grandit
Quand la terre me nomme
Magistère des âges,
Il rend à la nature
Son dû privilège,
Le tamanoir incruste
Sa langue, comme un piège
Suivant l’ordre pressant
D’une horloge mortifère,
Comble goulûment
Les tunnels palpitants
D’abruptes termitières

Ô roi, Ô Jupiter!
Les astres en conseil
Les lueurs d’une couleur
Tous les calendriers
Tous les battements d’ailes
Les planètes alignées
Les ondes d’un même souffle
Les poussières d’un seul jet,
Toutes les particules
Suspendues à vos cils
Pour se nébuliser
Tout indique la rencontre
Tout indique l’arrivée
L’espace est figé
L’apesanteur suspendue
La réalité crache
Comme un sang nouveau
A cette heure doivent s’unir
Mars et Séléné …

– Ô lune, Ô déesse,
Votre teint a rougi
Mais votre cœur est sourd
Et votre cœur aveugle
De votre beauté propre!
Ainsi que des notes,
Des phrases musicales
Qui sont complémentaires
Qui sont réalisables,
Seule une main de génie
Peut les rendre véritables,
Donner à l’instrument
Un air qui s’adapte
Une âme qui fait vibrer
Les cordes à son arc

Ah Séléné, Séléné!
Votre prince est passé
Il avait,
Dans ses deux mains fermées
De l’une un murmure,
De l’autre un baiser,
Ah d’un geste soudain!
Deux papillons s’envolent,
L’un a choisi vos lèvres
Et l’autre votre oreille,
Mais vous n’avez rien vu,
N’avez rien entendu

Ne laissez pas cette larme
Rompre votre collier …
Je dépêche de ce pas
Déesse Astarté

Elle dira que c’est vous
Qui l’avez envoyée,
Elle chantera votre amour,
Elle chantera votre beauté,
Elle touchera peut-être
De ses flèches enchantées
La faiblesse de Mars,
Un muscle qui résonne
Aux mots et aux pensées

Rebroussera-t-il chemin,
Va-t-il vous retrouver?

Ah tous calendriers
Toutes planètes alignées,
Toutes les prédictions
Ont vite échoué
Ah ma belle Séléné!
De deux corps qui s’unissent
Qu’émanent des vérités!

Pinwheel - by Omar Kayyal  (Photo by Ruba Badwan).pngPhoto credit: Ruba Badwan


By Omar Kayyal

Clarity is water thin-
here in this room I’m in,
the walls keep changing.

To keep my eyes level,
is to tighten my lip.
It becomes quite the load to lift.
Upon struggling,
I sink.

My limbs stiffen-


Of a ship
atop which
I stood-
one fatal collision,
was vital to maintain Order.

A cocoon refusing to open-
to adhere, with it’s binding unspoken,
with that which moves the seconds,
was pierced by a thorn of ice.

The ark.  Two by two,
they filled me to the brim.
Animals of old,
wishing to cross Evolution.

A desperate kick
drives my flinging
above the surface.
Lips release to let the air in.

I breathe. Once. Twice.

I am on my back
Ever so slowly,
I spin.

I wipe my glasses.
I can see
where the sky meets the horizon.
The border is crisp.

Upon it
Will tilt
This ship.
It was built
this field of vision.

Closed Doors - by Saja Radi (Photo by Malda Smadi)Photo credit: Malda Smadi

Closed Doors

By Saja Radi

Let closed doors lie
souls beating on the other side
V-shaped spaces and King tick
Tick, tock

Royal Gray comfort
filtering in and out
a gown for the sovereignest of doors

I am the foreigner
you keep up on your wall
in hues of all cosmic naturality

I am the oblique streaks on your agar
visibly invisible
living on trust in the divine soul

The One that keeps closed doors alive
I am the microchip
you save your valuables onto
out of reach, in a wallet, or your secret hiding place

I am the code
you communicate with
the familiar grammar of the unknown meaning

Let closed doors lie
chins raised high
to the smiling skies
only on one side

The City is Empty - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Stefan Kunze)Photo credit: Stefan Kunze

The City is Empty

By Elie Harfouch

Do you ask yourself, like me?
When will your obsessions leave you?

Will time ever stop so you can truly be free?

Once again I am all by myself, facing the sea

the city is empty

I am leaking thoughts
trying to make sense of the man I have become

I try to focus but I keep drifting away

The city is empty

There is a conflict inside of me full of sway
lost in the thought of the voice I must obey
far beyond myself, it is the only way to keep at bay

I let go as I fade away

In the background the echo of a queen made of clay: pray my son! You must pray

Matchbox - by Sara Houmani (Photo by Hadis Safari)Photo credit: Hadis Safari


By Sara Houmani

I will not bring
A child
That barely
Fits in my belly
Into a claustrophobic
Matchbox of a world
Nor Will I invite
Into existence
Because I believe
Tiny feet
Walk further in life
Than I
Ever did in my
Lifetime altogether
I will not carry
A child
Just so my demons
Can be
With surprise
First words
& Baby steps
On carpets
When I’m not paying
Cause I have seen
What this world
Can do to you
When you’re little
So I will conceive
& Grandmothers
So help me God
I am not one
For interviews
& Childhood,
Childhood is a
Job vacancy
I did not apply for
& Still got

Long Live Us - by Flay (Mohamed Cheaib) (Photo by Hasan Almasi)Photo credit: Hasan Almasi

Long Live Us

By Flay

Plant your feet,
Into the ground and gaze,
Your voice, your skull,
No longer yours to raise,
Can you see?
Our foes over there,
I pity them,
I pity them, I swear,
They outnumber us,
They outsmart us,
And I pity them,
Long, long live us,

More keen,
In their ways of battle,
More agile and whole,
For years, they have trained,
For More,
Than your pitiful soul,

They are determined
And honed,
To rid the earth from our blood,
But we will make them remember,
We belong,
Into the mud,

Because this,
This I promise my friend,
That when the night is red,
Every single one of them,
Will be dead,
I pity them,
I pity this Land,
I pity us,
And long, long live us,

You see,
They are the strongest,
Men of the unknown,
But they are,
Mere soldiers,
Of flesh and blood And bone,

They never fought our battles,
And they,
They do not sting like us,
They know nothing of our ways,
When we drag them
Into the cuss,

By the orders,
That they live,
Balancing the world of disaster,
A definition,
They remember to give,
Which puppet of which master,

They think,
Our philosophies are tainted,
That ideas are the cancer,
That we are the anomaly,
To question,
What they answer,

They label Us,
They sentence Us,
They call Us the Impure,
And long, long live Us,

But they are wrong,
My friend,
They are dead wrong,
They never knew,
That for us,
Death is an old song,

While they lived above the ground,
They devour,
And consumed our gain,
Of our children they heard no sound,
And all we get,
Remains of remain,

For a scrap of bread
We roll our eyes,
We stab and kill And entertain,
Food or shelter
Was the prize,
For selling every scrap of brain,

They denied names,
And hid their games,
To sing and dance along,
Where they made,
And where they played,
The concept of right and wrong,

While we watched,
Our blood of bloods,
Wither away with the gust,
From the plague of times,
And the bitter crimes,
We drown paralyzed by lust,

They sang tales,
Of holy grails,
Underneath the meadows of the Sun,
And they danced,
For what prevails,
And for what the soul has done,

We desperately clung,
And hid among,
To survive the storming sea,
In frozen deserts,
And in sickening pits,
We withstood and came to be,

And still,
They threaten us,
By gallows they built,
By shames and names
And guilt,
By rocks they, throw on us,
By the cuss,
And the fuss,
And long, long live us,

Our suffering,
Has become our strength,
As we learned the habit of Sorrow,
Addicted to agony,
And numb by ignorance,
For the morning ballad is hollow,

But they do not see,
This soul is free,
Beyond faces yellow and red,
For hearts beat,
Of a time to keep,
The rebirth of the dead,

And just,
To Enlighten them,
Let Us,
Wake them up,
By screams,
of unborn children,
By dreams,
of slaughtered youth,
And by memories,
Of forgotten heroes,

Because within Us,
Flows the blood of martyrs,
The tears of widows,
The scars of survivors,
And within all of Us,
Beyond all of Us,
The undead nature of man,
And long,
Long live Us

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