Edition XVIII

December 2019

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Impressions - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Aditya R.)Photo credit: Aditya R.


By Elie Harfouch

I can never respect people who take decisions for others,
Omni present child wearing adolescence

People must never assume they have all the answers
When you play the role of the actors
Idealizing philosophies and mystic factors
You judge, aware of your sorrow bearers
And with each sin, a silent look, and a feather
Torn apart to make it clearer
That he whom survives is repressed
While the new trend is depressed
Yet somehow I still picture you in your white dress,
And the voice I talk to you with
Is mine,
but you are not me
So how can I define
The slips and fissures of your subconscious mind
And thirst to be free.

To each his field and angles
And if hell is heaven
I am still the devil

Madmen - by Hanna Abi Akl (Photo by Alex Iby)Photo credit: Alex Iby


By Hanna Abi Akl

I am
I never really
never spoke
to me;
don’t affect me
They zero in
zero out
while I prowl
in and out
of the dark;
The jails
The judges
The police
The army
The law
are designs
meant to hold things
but they keep me back
they weigh
me down

was slammed
The Beats
were hated
Dante was punished
Hamsun was slated
Hemingway was paraded
in chains on city streets

Why am I choosing
to tell
you this?

All this
to say
the True
never live
they go mad.

September Thirty One - by Omar Kayyal (Photo by Omar Kayyal)Photo credit: Omar Kayyal

September Thirty One

By Omar Kayyal

“I’m done.” She says
A laptop shut
on the hinge
of her jaw’s constrictions;
like a snake charmer
her MacBook Cobra
Assumes the tightness in her cheek.

The day is won-
Rays of sunshine tied

in an intricate knot.

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