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My name is Elie Harfouch, based in Lebanon.
Hope you can relate with what i write.
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Edition XVIII

Impressions - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Aditya R.)Photo credit: Aditya R.


By Elie Harfouch

I can never respect people who take decisions for others,
Omni present child wearing adolescence

People must never assume they have all the answers
When you play the role of the actors
Idealizing philosophies and mystic factors
You judge, aware of your sorrow bearers
And with each sin, a silent look, and a feather
Torn apart to make it clearer
That he whom survives is repressed
While the new trend is depressed
Yet somehow I still picture you in your white dress,
And the voice I talk to you with
Is mine,
but you are not me
So how can I define
The slips and fissures of your subconscious mind
And thirst to be free.

To each his field and angles
And if hell is heaven
I am still the devil

Edition XIII

Empathy is a Lie - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Alannah Bowes)Photo credit: Alannah Bowes

Empathy is a Lie

By Elie Harfouch

You can feel it as i speak
By the way i write when you read
That it is weird to be in your shoes
To infiltrate your mind, to see the truth
To experience the unique existence of being you.

But it is sort of sad
That with each visit i get mad
And repulsed
By the lack of trust
And the hate we take to tolerate love.

And we love ,but not ourselves
And we explore the void in search for help.

But i say Empathy is a lie
We must depend on each other
For the future to be bright
Fellowship won’t be experienced until you unite with the other.

Edition XII

Behold My Paradox - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Elijah O_Donnell)Photo credit: Elijah O’Donnell

Behold My Paradox

By Elie Harfouch

Love me.
That is all I see.

Everybody is scanning for a bond,
While I lie in the shadows angling
My mode of perception, to correspond
Your routines and rituals of acting,
And asking for boundless love.

So I abscond and you can’t ask for more.
Because you noticed my kind and my codes.
You knew I was designed to be alone.

I lay my tranquil smile and keep observing us coincide
Feeling the pulse from the inside
I drift trusting I am the aftermath of a calculated plan
But something is always missing somehow
Lost in my thoughts
I blame the inventor

And I grow wiser,
Knowing I will never understand the true motives of my designer.

Edition XI

High Psyche - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Ruba Badwan)Photo credit: Ruba Badwan

High Psyche

By Elie Harfouch

In the quantum realm of my reality
I designed a mathematically beautiful fantasy

An illusory of science and dark alliances
a mystical act of a forgotten godlessness

I was deprived from my own health
I geniusly fabricated my own death

But before I enter the hole
I have two wishes, in it you will take a role

A candle for me when I go
A requiem for my dreams and my soul

As I summon the lord,
I pray

To the sound of your strings I fade and disintegrate
To the touch of your keys I dissolve and evaporate

I merge into the wild tone of my incarnation
liberating myself from the lost echo of my incarceration

Your dark notes nurture my sole existence
light corrupt the night in the realm of my subsistence

Edition X

Insenate - By Elie Harfouch  (Photo by Vince Fleming).jpgPhoto credit: Vince Fleming


By Elie Harfouch

I resonate
smiling down from my room
expectations kill reality
just as reality kills fantasies

Are they my friends?

I see the enemy in front of me,
he is fearful and he is mocking me

Whispers and looks
dishonest insects trying to be the center of attention in the room

I am aware of them
their masks and uniforms
their scent and their many forms

It is easy to be seduced
but not anymore
I will not be used

There are still many shapes for me to become.
Wisdom is the opposite of freedom

I see the enemy in front of me,
he is laughing and he is looking at me

I want to end this but he is not letting me

I see the enemy in front of me
suddenly everything is clearer
I am looking at myself in the mirror

I can’t feel anything

but I resonate

Edition IX

Child & Evil - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Hakim El Haj)Photo credit: Hakim El Haj

Child & Evil

By Elie Harfouch

In the land of a child
The angels hide
Hide from the evil
Hide from the demons.

In the land of a child
The beauty arise
No fear No labels
No sin No lies.

In the land of a child
The garden of lullabies
Mesmerized eyes
The mystical heart
The strangest art.

In the land of evil
The innocence lost
Caged by temptations
Devoted for lust.

In the land of evil
Looking for fame
Wanting the gain
Searching for love
The problems won’t be solved.

In the land of evil
Addicted to gold
Stuck on the dope
Bow to your Lord.

In the land of a Child and Evil I was trapped in between.

An innocent soul gone with the wind.

Falling with the rain
But the memories remain

Edition VIII

The City is Empty - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Stefan Kunze)Photo credit: Stefan Kunze

The City is Empty

By Elie Harfouch

Do you ask yourself, like me?
When will your obsessions leave you?

Will time ever stop so you can truly be free?

Once again I am all by myself, facing the sea

the city is empty

I am leaking thoughts
trying to make sense of the man I have become

I try to focus but I keep drifting away

The city is empty

There is a conflict inside of me full of sway
lost in the thought of the voice I must obey
far beyond myself, it is the only way to keep at bay

I let go as I fade away

In the background the echo of a queen made of clay: pray my son! You must pray

Edition VII

Sentience - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Nina Sharabati)Photo credit: Nina Sharabati


By Elie Harfouch

I too, just like you, wait for what inspires me.
For if I write, I am consciously taking the responsibility
to offer leisure activity, and a lesson.
Adaptable to every person, who has a burden,
or not
Doesn’t matter, because I hit the right spot.

It is a self-healing method I earned,
long ago, I learned not to be concerned
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

We are patterned.

Shift your fixation.
Love is attitude and behavior.
You don’t need a savior.

Edition VI

Self Sessions - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Odette Scapin)Photo credit: Odette Scapin

Self Sessions

By Elie Harfouch

I write to enlight
myself to survive
the path I chose
to have in life
so I scream
who could hear?
or see?
or relate
to the kid who
hides alone
at the break
high on
the steps
that are made
from within
his soul and craved
in an art form
so he could have a home
to bear the storm
coming to reform
the norms
of his instincts
so he keeps distant
trying to keep a link with the
and it works
since it’s
from within
the layers of the skin
that makes my head spin
every time I remember where I have been

Edition V

The Vicious Network - By Elie Harfouch (Photo by Rob Potter)Photo credit: Rob Potter

The Vicious Network

By Elie Harfouch

I look and I spread wide
Connection established, I am in your mind

I see lust and lonesome, I understand
I see jealousy and greed, I understand

I am sad. What have become of woman and man?

I don’t back down in front of your mediocre thoughts
You lack of soul, you lack of trust

I open my eyes, and I rise
There is only one answer, no need to analyze

It is a vicious network, I am omniscient
I live and capture it, this pure moment

Spending my days aware, I am everywhere
I combine intangible layers

I am here, will you ever notice?

Edition IV

The Womb - by Elie Harfouch (Photo by Jamal Saleh)Photo credit: Jamal Saleh

The Womb

By Elie Harfouch

It’s in moments like these
where the universe is revealed
I find myself wandering the infinite land
searching for a lover and a friend

The moments of peace
where freedom is revealed
tales of Gods and Goddesses

New music; my last hope
my first trip away from home
I am me! can’t you see?
I’m real not a normal human
I’m just meat

Why am I here?
dazed chasing desires and dreams
I could shake the ground beneath your feet
but things don’t look always as they seem

Let’s sail this ship to escape our past
Sins that killed the innocence while the demons laughed

It’s in moments like these I fly high and dance with the stars
where I’m back to the womb

but for others it’s just the tomb.

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