Elio Nakhle

Edition V

For Tough Times Ahead - By Elio Nakhle (Photo by Felix Russel Saw)Photo credit: Felix Russell-Saw

For Tough Times Ahead

By Elio Nakhle

No matter how murky or dark, how windy or rainy over your park,
all you have to do is fly just a little bit above the clouds in the sky.
Embrace the hug that the sun is offering you, and remember it is always there too
behind the clouds and storms that will come to an end, and in your heart that something will surely mend.
The deafening sound of thunder and blinding light of lightning last but for a brief instant,
but the sound of the one who dwells in you and you in him is always existent.
Remember that rivers forge their path not by brute force but by perseverance
and that not all things are to be judged by their appearance.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,
so take heart for one day you will conquer.
And if you need something to help you fly,
remember that there are always things you can apply.
Patience, intellect, empathy, and courage are key,
if one day you wanted to say thank you me:
For you have endured, understood, and overcome
the troubles and plights to which you once succumbed.
For you have never forgotten that you possess an invaluable treasure
something that you will never lose whatsoever:
The fact that you will always be loved by the one who is and by many
and that many things in this life are just confetti.
No matter what remember that existence is a gift
And that dreams happen only if you persist.

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