Farah Chamma

Farah Chamma

Farah Chamma is a Palestinian spoken word poet. She started performing at the age of 15. She enjoys multilingual performances. She performs in 6 different languages, but mostly writes in English, French and Arabic. In 2015, Farah and a group of friends started a spoken word and music band that they named Parea (شلّة الفرح in Arabic). 

فرح شما شاعرة الكلمة المنطوقة. فلسطينية ولدت في دبي. بدأت مسيرتها الشعرية في سن الخامسة عشر. تكتب وتتحدث بست لغات. ا
.ألقت معظم قصائدها باللغة العربية والإنجليزية والفرنسية
في عام 2015 مزجت فرح الشعر بالموسيقى فشكّلت فرقة موسيقية أطلقت عليها شلّة الفرح.ا

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Parea is a spoken-word and music band that formed in 2015. Maruan Betawi (oud and guitar), Eleftheria Togia (viola), Farah Chamma (spoken word poetry), and Molham Makki (electronic music) met for the first time in a jam session and felt that they immediately clicked. What characterizes their work is improvisation. When Farah performs her pieces in English, Arabic, French, or Spanish, the musicians start playing to accompany her without always knowing what the texts are about, in hopes that at the end, they would all synchronize. During 2016, two more members joined the band: Danai Marinou (keyboard) and Myriam Nehmeh (cajón).

Edition I

Prayer - by Farah Chamma (Photo by Waleed Shah)Photo credit: Waleed Shah


By Farah Chamma

I cannot stop myself

from looking up

often confusing my weakness

for strength.

I started praying two years ago, back

when my cat had trouble breathing

and died.

(that’s also when I started smoking).

I am beginning to see you everywhere I go.

I often say,

you are filling a void.

Talk to me.

This forced spirituality is making me reckless.

Tell me you love me too.

I need you.

Tell me you’re feeling it too.

I’ve been putting my phone down, trying to channel my soul to you.

This also happens to be

a prayer.


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