Hala El Kouch

Edition V

Red Room Box - By Hala El Kouch (Photo by Aziz Acharki) (1)Photo credit: Aziz Acharki

Red Room Box

By Hala El Kouch

In the center of a museum, was a heart. It was closed away
in a huge double glass room box.

The description beneath said:

“Drastically in need of help; it has been hugging and
holding itself together trying to mend on its own but is
slowly disappearing beneath a big lump.”

The heart kept fluttering so badly the box turned entirely

They hired some people trying to sculpt away the lump so
the heart would get its original shape, but it’s blood flow
kept rushing so fast, spitting blood like crashing waves at
their faces and they couldn’t seem to do anything about it;
The lump would only grow bigger and stiffer.

They then understood, a few months later that the heart
refused to lend itself and trust anyone but the artist

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