October 2020

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Photo credit: Syarafina Yusof

We Cannot Love If We Judge

By Insaf

Excuse me: « Ah sorry, this is the word that you didn’t even allow me to say »

I’m not white, but you can hear my voice

I’m not white, but you can feel the maze inside me

Calling for love, peace and Justice

But still teach black skins how to protect their blood from white ones

Questioning my mom’s Fault that she birthed?

Yes, I still remember her words for my father when she said “I cannot save him from the darkened virgin”

What is My offense after all?

You know I didn’t ask for this?

I never had the fortuity to choose either

Because among all of us no one seems better

You have spilled my blood

Hope you are satisfied your conscious?

But I’m leaving a theme behind….

One day we’re going to discuss humanity issues instead of black points

I’m black, you’re white, we’re human

I dare to be different which means I dare to be myself, now what about you?

Did my difference threaten your stability?

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