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A man of many passions I try to live my life to the fullest. My expansive interests are in sports (football; typical), literature, music, culinary experiences and business building.

I founded Beirut Poetics on 1 January 2018 (talk about New Year resolution) and have been honored by the growth of the Poetryhood and the support from all the contributors (poets and artists) as well as readers and admirers.

I am always concerned with the development of the society I am a part of and constantly looking for ways to contribute to the advancement of thoughts and lifestyle of my peers.

I’m available for a serious talk about opportunities and collaborations to random chit-chat so feel free to contact me through:
Email: jamil.adas4@gmail.com
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Edition X

Reading My Grandfather - by Jamil Adas  (Photo by Malda Smadi).jpgPhoto credit: Malda Smadi

Reading My Grandfather

By Jamil Adas

Hello reader,
Can you resurrect my grandfather?
I doubt it.

There is no such thing as “speaking with the dead”

That is stupid

There is, however, reading the dead

Yesterday, I read my grandfather

I saw him dead (again)

Saw him kiss and hug my grandmother for the last time (again)

Saw myself sat in the living room staring through the slightly cracked open door into his bedroom (again) as his 4 daughters surrounded him helplessly (again) with his moans and cries ringing in our ears as his soul was getting dragged away (again).

Let me read him to you…

“أُكُلْ تَنْفَعْكَ يومَ الهِوَشْ”
كان جدّي يحكيلنا هالجملة لمّا ما كنّا نخلّص صحنّا
و أتهاوش

كان يسألني
عندك تفاحة اليوم؟  و يأشر على خدّي
فبيشتري تفاحة ببوسة
و البطّيخ من راسي باثنين
و العنب من دأني بثلاثة
آه … كان يبوس دأني

يا جدّي
يا جدّي … شفتك عبتعجز زيّ ما شفتني عبكبر
شفتك عبتقرأ كلّ الجرايد مدوّر للصحوة العربية
كإنها مخبّاي بشي كلمة أو جملة عبيستنّوك تقرأهم

يا جدّي إنتَ بدايتي
إنتَ بداية كلّ ما أرى و يُرى
إنتَ نفخت فيّي الأدب، و يريتك تشوف عظمت نفختك

It is difficult to say fare’well’ to a man dying in pain.

It is difficult, so this time I said fare’better’

Here is to you سيدو
I hope you are in a fare’better’ place.

Edition II

What Lead us - by Jamil Adas (Photo by Jessica Andersdotter)Photo credit: Jessica Andersdotter

What Lead us

By Jamil Adas

What lead 7
before 8

What lead the apple
to get plucked

What lead the world to rotate
on a spike

What lead Libon to tessellate
the temple to Zeus

What lead Imhotep’s stone blocks
to mount each other

Curiosity killed the cat
but what lead curiosity to its path?

Care killed us all and satisfaction brought us back.

For the sake of us
let it keep leading.

Edition I

Spit Blood - by Jamil Adas (Photo by Hakim El Haj)Photo credit: Hakim El Haj

Spit Blood

By Jamil Adas

Do you ever spit blood
because you try to taste life too much?

Do you ever max out on a human experience?
like “I love you”
but you promised your psyche
“I will never say these 3 words again”
but when the compass points, you follow.
You find out – truth is not on a straight path;
it is on a spiral.

Sometimes life is limiting
so you lucid dream
realize every desire is at the finger-tips of your mind
and so is every despair.

“Tread-carefully” is an advice that enters your right ear
and exits ear left
you are left with 4 stitched spots on your head
a broken finger
a broken shoulder
a chipped tooth;
spit blood.
“Tread-carefully” almost robbed you from your life,
as you’ve seen it swindle many others.

Try it all and try it now…

Emoticons in a poem  😉
     – stupid – spit blood

A metaphor about the taste of life in your mouth
     – no one got it – spit blood

Speak to God in your own language – بما أنّك العليم, السميع, الرقيب, الشهيد, الباطن أقرب إلينا من حبل الوريد
     – everyone claims God solely for their tongue – spit blood

Spit blood out of your jugular veins
and don’t forget to taste it

Spit blood

Spit Life.

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