Kate Toombs

Edition IV

Boundless - by Kate Toombs (Photo by Katelin Toombs)Photo credit: Kate Toombs


By Kate Toombs

the beauty and the suffering
the energetic exchange the seamless bond that’s always present if we just remain open.
the numbness that creeps in
separating ourselves.
a means to an end.
the humbling, to act from the heart; surrendering to truths deeply embedded in this existence.
the fire in us that moves us
new growth
intention flowing through all we do.
the grace
vulnerable acts leading fleeting glimmers of truth to absolution
giving each heartache new namesake.
reflecting each mistake
spiralling inward.
pushing against these waves
that crash so hard
tossing us into the depths
don’t fight don’t hold on so tight
trust this abyss
we are limitless.

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