Leyann Smili

Edition XVI

There Will Be Mud - by Leyann Smili (Photo by Chris Yang).jpgPhoto credit: Chris Yang

There Will Be Mud

By Leyann Smili

If you want a good teacher,
Go to where there is soil.
Add water to the soil; have it turn into mud.

Now touch the mud;
Play with the mud;
Dip your toes into the mud.

Get your clothes muddy.
Lie down…
Look at your muddy hands.

Edition XV

Meditation - by Leyann Smili (Photo by Valeriia Bugaiova).jpgPhoto credit: Valeriia Bugaiova


By Leyann Smili

Morning and evening I bow;
I love you, I love you, I utter.

Maybe saying it enough, I’ll eventually

And I’ll breathe through,
And I’ll breathe with.

And finally;
I’ll take my first breath.

Edition VIII

The Beauty in Between - by Leyann Smili (Photo by Sarah Frances)Photo credit: Sarah Frances

The Beauty in Between

By Leyann Smili

We’ve heard about that silver lining
the one after heartbreak
the one after loss

We’ve heard about that silver lining
the one amidst all of our troubles

But we never really hear about the beauty
the one brighter than silver
The beauty in between the silver
we never hear about that one

Sadness washes through our veins
but what our veins are actually feeling
is that beauty they never told us about

There is a true beauty inside of sadness
Why do we ignore it when our bodies
our souls
our veins can feel it

Why do we ignore the truth
when it’s staring us straight in the eye
when it’s rushing through us

Our lips tell lies
but our veins, our veins
Our veins would rather see us die

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