Lucia Sakr

December 2020

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Photo credit: Rishi Deep

If I Told You My Story

By Lucia Sakr

If I told you my story,

Will you hear the brokenness in my voice
The sound of my heart shatter?

Will you hold my hand
Making me believe everything will get better?

Will you catch every tear
That ever drowned me in the lonely nights?

Will you guide me to the road
That leads to home holding me tight?

Will you fall into the hole of my sadness
A pain so deep you can’t reach the end?

Will you feel the greatness of this sorrow
Which the universe to me has sent?

Will you learn the meaning of this book
That contains my name as a title?

Will you see the sword I keep
To survive this war
This battle?
Will you discover all the mysteries
I’ve been hiding all along?

Will you kiss my forehead

Telling me I am strong and that I proved them wrong?

If I told you my story,

Will you understand?
Will you finally understand?
Why am I the way I am?

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