Marc Chamieh

October 2020

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Poseidon: The architect of destruction

By Marc Chamieh

Calm winds blew my way,
waves crashed at the rocks
to and forth.
The sea caressed the shore with its waves,
who knew something so soothing,
something so gentle
could be so valiant?

Days of contemplation
yet no definitive conclusion.
Just like the sea,

Days of contemplation, still nothing.
Just like the sea,
a shape shifter
a rock crusher
a sinker.

A wave of melancholy crushed the shores.

The moon, her guide.
The sea so relentless,
waves so violent,
ships moored at bay,
captains lost,
pirates intimidated,
shipless fishermen.

The sea,
a body of fluid
a body of birth
a body of destruction

Chaos in the most imperfect perfect way

A sea of whirlpools, a seabed of ship wrecks

The shore caressed by such a violent sea, who knew?

Light breaks surface, darkness beneath, creatures adapted to darkness, not for everyone

Sea of confusion,
a body of lies
a body of cries
a body of might
a body of destruction.

The sea,
a body of crushed dreams
a body of freedom
fluid in every direction,
malleable in every way.

Stiff in every direction,
frozen on all edges,
a body confined by land
a body of hope.

Commandeered by the moon,
strong yet so feeble,
powerful yet so reliant,
organized yet so disoriented,
Entropy at its best.

Charging hurricanes,
reservoir of blizzards
feared by skilled captains,
architect of destruction.

The sea… so violently soothing….

August 2020

Shock Wave - by Marc Chamieh (Photo by Rami Kanso)Photo credit: Rami Kanso

Shock Wave

By Marc Chamieh

A call came through

Severely wounded,
Badly bruised,

A blast,
flatlined on the stretcher laid
sirens everywhere

all the same,
all reduced to ashes,

A mushroom
A bad trip

A devastating shock wave,
still flatlined

Songs of happiness to screams of melancholy
Tears of joy to tears of despair
Laughter to sadness to indifference to bluntness
Hope to dejection

Bandanas to bandages
Tattoos to scars
Piercings to stitches
Soap to Betadine
Accessories to braces

Flatlined on the stretcher,
sirens everywhere

Shops to dust
Trees to dust
Cars to dust
Glass to pieces
People to heaven

Windows of hope to windows of death

A lethal mushroom
A bad trip
A critical condition

Vendors to victims
Pedestrians to ERs
Doctors to duty

Tongues muted
Brains dysfunctional
Eyes frozen

Dreams to nightmares
Hopes to prayers
Aspirations to aspirators

A collective grieving
A collective struggle
A collective misery
A collective agony

An ambulance dispatched,
a glimpse of hope too late

Blocked by bureaucracy
Blocked by traffic
Blocked by corruption

A never-ending dark tunnel.
Where is the light?

10,452 pieces.

Edition XII

Jude - by Marc Chamieh (Photo by Rainier Ridao)Photo credit: Rainier Ridao


By Marc Chamieh

A precious stone. Precious in every detail. Perfect in every pore, pretty in every reflection.

One glance is enough to trap you. One glance is enough to imprison your heart. One glance is enough to enslave you forever, just like a temptation; dying to taste.

As she looks into your eyes, she doesn’t only look she tells you a story.
A story of a girl that once was.
A story of a girl that once did.
A story of a girl that once played.

Looking into her eyes, you get lost. You get lost in every perfect imperfect detail.
You get lost in her pearl white eyes…eyes of an angel.

Attractive from every angle.
Attractive in every manner.
Attractive on every glance.
Attractive in each detail.
Attractive indeed.

Fluffy rose cheeks, pearl white eyes, and naked lips.

A true desire, a desire wanted by many. A desire, all do.

Her eyes tell a story not even a thousand pages could explain.
Her eyes tell a story not even she knows.
Her eyes tell a story, only her lover can understand.

A Jude she is; a bright sparkle indeed.

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