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zMaria Etre

Hi, I am Maria and I … 

am many things. 

A senior copywriter, a sister, a friend, a good poet, a bad one too, a cook, a daughter, an animal adorer, a best friend to some and a lover to my beloved – when love is around, that is. 

I love selfishly, even when it’s not reciprocated, oh I love, for some reason, I believe it’s a hobby of mine – falling in love with one thing or many things… it’s a muse if you might say. I indulge in writing, for I when I vocalise I fail to convey what I really want to say. I am the creator of indiedoodles and Type Junkies, I am working on expanding my writing to the world in unconventional ways, but they are dormant now.  

In a nutshell, I enjoy a good conversation over a good drink and pencils and papers… 

Oh did I mention coffee stains.. 🙂

Edition XI

Curtsy - by Maria Etre (Photo by Rhett Wesley)Photo credit: Rhett Wesley


By Maria Etre

What is it about humans
and their love for mistakes?
Raise your glasses to broken hearts
they mended bigger than ever
Toast to tears, endless fountains
of salty diamonds, brushing against
cheeks that have been kissed and slapped
by reality … and other things…
Clink to carelessness, disorganization

it taught you well,
quite the opposite
straighter lines under your words
wider tables to fit your “to do’s”
and most of all filled daily calendar reminders..

if you remember, to say the least
Stand in ovation to lightness
taking things at face value
reading faces, mistaking judgements

that took you to lands you never thought you’d venture

and back … a pendulum journey
Over charcoals of regret
and ice rings of first snow
new seasons..
Applaud mishaps
clap, summoning the guilt
squish it between 2 hands
that guided you, felt for you
wiped tears for you, longed for you

wrote for you…
“clap” the guilt away
dance to the tune of newness

The rhythm of your own fuck ups
Curtsy to curiosity
That held hands with mistakes
Over and over and over
Multiple ones, different ones
that took different forms

Beautiful, ugly, harsh, heartless … handsome


And this time… don’t worry
they did judge you, yes they did,
you were the talk that sparked
their tongues with new taste buds
you were the flame to the
smoke they saw
Now come with me, lovely
light a cigarette


Edition IIRewind - by Maria Etre (Photo by Aziz Acharki)Photo credit: Aziz Acharki

<| <| Rewind |

By Maria Etre

Fall on my lips
while I fall with
hitting cotton clouds
of serenity
that you filled
in every cell of me

Take me back
defy physics
hold the hands of time
and turn them back
< <Rewind time

I’d replay drunken dawns
maybe memories
I forgot to remember
moments that fled
when I blinked
again and again
with you

Walk backwards with me
pulling the lines of our
almost wrinkles
pulling them back
to relive the smooth days of youth
ready to reflect the recklessness
that will stitch itself
in the stories of the future
nestle in the wrinkles
that will vessel our faces
one day

Lay your hand on my chest
let your warmth melt ice
that filled its cracks
and mend it, weld it painfully
let the cracks fall into each
other and glow like iron
when hot
let them melt for each other
the same way I did
for you

Cup my cheek with the other
the surface that witnessed
salty waterfalls over
and over
from the left eye
dense with sadness
and the right
with droplets
of happiness
sometimes wiped by a lover
others soaked with a napkin
closer than any
when none were

Whisper to me
things your heart marinated
over the years
for it’s never too late
to start over

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