Omar Hassoun

Edition XV

Mother Nature - by Omar Hassoun (Photo by Clément M.).jpgPhoto credit: Clément M.

Mother Nature

By Omar Hassoun

She was as pleasant to look at as the forest,
her smile was like the warmth of the autumn colors,
her eyes reflected
the kindness the sun irradiates to nourish all life.
She controlled the weather,
The sun was shining to make all colors
complement her beautiful dress,
the flowers covered her body like blooming blossom trees,
the fabric accentuated her curves,
she had the right balance of everything.

Her will was great enough to mold the future,
burn misery into ashes,
reduce fear into courage,
she has control over all life.
Next to her,
god was nothing but a mere spectator.
With her delicate hands she decided the cycle of life and death,
She was immune to mankind’s mischiefs.
No matter how big or strong
she always remained unaffected.

She was observant and studious,
she knew that any change in temperature,
any displacement of any creature,
any difference in air composition
could kill one of her precious pets.

That’s why she valued information,
her rigorous time studying reflected
her love, care and kindness for life.
To her, information was a weapon
to protect herself and everyone around her.

She was a Goddess,
She was Mother Nature.

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