Poetry Night I – The Poetryhood Meets Beirut


We are FINALLY doing it!

We are hosting, in Beirut, our first Poetry Night get-together bonanza!

Our mission with our poetry readings is to remind each other that poetry is indeed for EVERYONE. 
And poetry has a new place right here…

Headed by Beirut Poetics founder Jamil Adas in collaboration with Aaliya’s Books. This poetry night is laid-back, fun and full of honest poetry.

The following performers will be taking on the stage on the night:
Sara Houmani
Maysan Nasser
Noor Kabbara
Sima Itayim
Mohammad Rashid
Noura Kalo
Dima Matta
Lynn el Amine
Omar Saigh
Dayna Ayash
Leen Hashem
Nancy Hilal
Jamil Adas

Mingle with other like-minded creatives, meet some industry professionals, and get to experience the yummy delicacies and beverages at Aaliya’s Books

Come on by for a drink, great food, enjoy some poetry and meet with fellow poetry lovers.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to write and share with us to join our Poetryhood 🙂

LOCATION: Aaliya’s Books in Gouraud Steet, Gemmayzeh
(Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/qTUcUZtLoxo)


DATE: Wednesday 5 December
TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Let us know you’re coming
by clicking on that sweet “Going” button on the
FB event page

Your point of contact for any enquiries:
Jamil Adas 

…بعد طول انتظار نقدم لكم أمسية شعرية

الأمسية التي هدفنا منها تعريف الجميع بأن الشعر ليس مقتصرا على فئة الشعراء و الأدباء فقط إنما هو فن يستطيع أن يتذوقه و يستمتع به كل إنسان

إنها ليلة عفوية مليئة بالشعر الصادق و النابع من القلب

!شاركونا في الشراب و الأكل و الشعر و الأختلاط مع عشاق الشعر
 🙂 نأمل أن يشجعكم هذا الحفل على الكتابة و المشاركة في نشاطاتنا القادمة

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