Richard Nasr

Edition XII

Christmas We Need to Talk - by Richard Nasr (Photo by Erin Walker)Photo credit: Erin Walker

Christmas We Need to Talk

By Richard Nasr

Christmas is coming
Let’s pause for a while
To think about everything
And go for the extra mile

Christmas is on the door
A homeless kid is freezing
Would you let him sleep on the floor?
Or give him the hug of healing

Christmas is getting colder
A lonely grandpa is sad
Wishing for a crying shoulder
To forget the pain he had

Christmas we just can’t wait
A father needs medical care
Hurry up before it is too late
Show us that life is fair

Christmas is all about gifts
That can’t be bought with money
Do good, so your soul lifts
Instead of feeding your tummy

Christmas here is my wish list
“Hope, Happiness, Love and Faith”
Make the world feel you exist
By drawing a smile on everyone’s face

Christmas we need to talk
People are not getting you right
Christmas is an everyday walk
And not just for one night

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