Saja Radi

Edition X

Dear October Mornings - By Saja Radi  (Photo by Maxime Amoudruz).jpgPhoto credit: Maxime Amoudruz

Dear October Mornings

By Saja Radi

Dear October Mornings,

Long gowns and black strokes of mascara
Bronze and gold
Flashing against light
Behold the world
where you and I exist
A window to a life unknown
Archaic kind of dreams
You make me dream

Sun beams gleam from the surface
of a deep, pink-tiled pool
Morning coldness transforms into core warmth
as you wrap your arms around me
The aroma of French brewed coffee fills the air
You smile

The day always starts right

Edition IX

You and Me - by Saja Radi (Photo by Mary Helna)Photo credit: Mary Helna

You and Me

By Saja Radi

Not out of love
Not in love either
Delving in sorrow, I sit
For you – no longer than I
Can lust at the sky
Watching as life passes by
Together, through the glass window
The black and white
You nor I wish to suit
So in the cold light of noon
We sit in the in between
Exposed or in cladestine
Staring at the blue

Edition VIII

Closed Doors - by Saja Radi  (Photo by Malda Smadi).jpgPhoto credit: Malda Smadi

Closed Doors

By Saja Radi

Let closed doors lie
souls beating on the other side
V-shaped spaces and King tick
Tick, tock

Royal Gray comfort
filtering in and out
a gown for the sovereignest of doors

I am the foreigner
you keep up on your wall
in hues of all cosmic naturality

I am the oblique streaks on your agar
visibly invisible
living on trust in the divine soul

The One that keeps closed doors alive
I am the microchip
you save your valuables onto
out of reach, in a wallet, or your secret hiding place

I am the code
you communicate with
the familiar grammar of the unknown meaning

Let closed doors lie
chins raised high
to the smiling skies
only on one side

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