Valerie Younes

December 2020

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Chaos is Well

By Valerie Younes

falling for a ticking bomb wasn’t in my plans

somehow hazard attracts me like a magnet

I couldn’t help but stand and stare

the way you got me into the fishnet of your basket

I never manifested change to show up

more of an entertainment if you ask me

from dusk till dawn we drank from the same cup

as we counted the stars till everything turned heavy

the paths we’re sharing might have a dead end

why look further than the horizon, just hold my hand

all of your concerns will be locked in my safe

and no tidal wave dares to get near this grave

I shared with you a very intimate moment

my temple was open for the one chosen

letting you explore somewhere that no one has been before

is what’s keeping me from building fences around my door

for you are so gentle yet unaware of it.

October 2020

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Photo credit: Markus Spiske


By Valerie Younes

I called you yellow for the first time ever
since I didn’t know your name
Everything about you seemed different because your soul was yellow and your smile was yellow

When I got to know you better
your flaws and insecurities meant a lot to me
I felt the need to discover this mystery
but you didn’t want to share it yet
Although you got angry over silly things
you were able to forget about what happened in a matter of minutes
and that’s when I named you red

I started to fall for you and for the way you perceive life
cause I’ve never met someone like you
who’s able to provide safety the moment our fingerprints were in touch
and at the same time was greedy for whatever I had to offer
I was surprised to see you become green

days passed by after our many first dates
your behavior started to change
and you asked for you own space
When I asked for the reason behind all of this
you cried your beautiful hazel eyes out
and I felt your arms wrapped around me
You were depressed and suicidal and you were good at hiding it
You were looking for someone like me to make you feel like you’re worth it
and I was looking for the same
I seek affection and love and it was given by someone who’s blue
I was in love with someone who’s blue

Yellow was your smile and the eyeshadow
Red was your passion for life and the lipstick
Green was your rare soul and your will to keep on breathing that was no longer an option
Blue were your scars and the tears my shirt held
and about purple…
I have nothing else to say.

February 2020

The End of All Things - by Valerie Younes (Photo by JR Korpa).jpgPhoto credit: JR Korpa

The End of All Things

By Valerie Younes

sorrow never skipped a day without calling ecstasy
she was the one to absorb his sadness under the pouring rain
thunder cracked and it was the beginning of life without vain
he never knew that he’ll never be seeing remedy

months were ahead and he searched to find her nearby
little does he know that his little sunshine was sent home
maybe she can heal if she stayed a little longer in her womb
and this was the first time I’ve seen sorrow cry

no one was certain if he burned the path he walked for weeks
but what we knew was that his love for her was eternal
please sorrow don’t come back being nocturnal
her stamped kisses will fade away of your unwashed cheeks

he didn’t like the skin he lived in and decided to tear it apart
it was unbelievable to witness the end of all things
he had promised himself that he’ll die wearing those wedding rings
maybe their fingers will intertwine and stitch his heart

because sorrow was no longer filled with ecstasy ever since she’s gone
her absence took away his breath and left suffocation instead
at that moment he realized that he’s better off dead
one cannot live without sunshine, better bury him before dawn

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