Vicky Panossian

Edition V

The Unread Eulogy - By Vicky Panossian (Photo by Pablo Heimplatz) (1)Photo credit: Pablo Heimplatz

The Unread Eulogy

By Vicky Panossian

A journey into the future’s memory,
Or perhaps a mere word or two,
In praise of the young loving couple
That the streets of Beirut widely knew…

Thus I begin:
A maiden once loved a man,
A fairy tale’s cliché plan.
But the gods of time did not love her so,
Within her, the sorrow would soon grow.

Dusks and dawns all past in vain,
She slowly learns to cope with pain.
He comes around and clicks the knob,
Her heart, for once, does stop to sob.

But time fights them yet again,
And robs her of her only man.
Life drags him away once more,
The only one her heart beats for…

In her words, you find bits of him,
Portions of him conjure her grim.

Yet she wakes up all alone,
Chills running down every bone,
Thoughts screaming out his name,
If only dreams were easy to tame
If only destiny played a different game
Then, times would always be the same!
But now, who’s there to blame?

And tomorrow,
When there’s not a smile left to borrow,
When nothing of her life is left,
Will she spend her last seconds in theft?
Will she steal her own memory back?
Will she yearn for the days she knew no lack?
Will she turn around time’s vicious track?
Peek into the fathomless eternity’s crack?

And her smile would begin to bloom,
Like the many flowers near his tomb.

But he’s gone now, can not return,
yet within her, the yearn does burn.

She needs one more delicate lie,
Wishing he’d waltz in and bid her goodbye.

If only memory knew the best of me,
perhaps I’d too would find the key
to life’s bitter destiny.
I’d rearrange the hands of time,
sell every ounce of my rhyme,
in return for their eyes to meet once more,
hoping to cure her aching core…

Because Indeed, a maiden once loved a man,
Merely as much as a woman can,
But time does often have a different plan…

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